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In 1968, in Long Island, New York, Steve Morgen formed the band simply called Morgen, to release their first and only album of their career. It was released in 1969, at the heat of psychedelia with a promotional single with songs from the album, even there was a single, the album failed to chart.

But now, some real information:

Steven Morgen went to college at the Long Island College, where he met a drummer; Ritchie, who introduced Murray Shriffin and Bobby Rizzo. Then Ritchie got replaced by Mike Ratti, and by then, they had been called The Dreame Spectrum.

Stu Krane, who just subsequently managed them, Got Morgen into a small studio owned by the bandleader Skitch Henderson and then by Deering Howe. It was located on East 57th Street, between Lexington and 3rd. The Morgen album was recorded with a fine engineer and Jimmy Reeves, ably assisted by Stephen Gelfand.

And now since the review is ''almost'' done, I bet you must question me;
- Where the heck did you find the album???
Well, the answer is easy; I typed ''psychedelic rock'' into the YouTube search bar, and I stumbled upon the last track ''Love'', and fell in love with it. Another favorite is ''Welcome To The Void''.

Now, make yourself a great time, and go listen to the record here.

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